Alaušo slėnis


Rain, cold and strong wind may be unnoticeable. Hot bath, warm water tub, delicious snacks and cosy log cabins in ‘Alaušo Slėnis’ create the perfect mood, which cannot be destroyed even by bad weather. We had a conference, evening meal, took a steam-bath, danced in the porches of log cabins on a rainy and windy May weekend.  We were welcomed and treated kindly, had cosy accommodation on the shores of the lake. Pleasant memories will never leave us....

Hope we meet again and again, dear ‘Alaušo Slėnis’…
DELFI team

We were really happy to be the first visitors of ‘Alaušo Slėnis’ – the recess of overwhelming beauty. We used to organize a summer festival – Spartakiad - for the employees of our company.  It took a long time for us to find a place which would reflect the beauty of Aukštaitija National Park, with a lake alongside, which would be spacious and arranged in a modern way. ‘Alaušo slėnis’ was that place, which satisfied all requirements and, I can assert, surpassed our expectations.  We used not only the areas of resort but catering services as well. Responsibility, flexibility of the Manager of ‘Alaušo slėnis’, Asta, agreement on the details of the event in advance gave perfect results. Catering services were provided during the event smoothly and timely, housekeeping staff cared for cleanliness and order till the very end of the event. We remained satisfied with the work of the team of ‘Alaušo Slėnis’, their professionalism, attitude towards their client. I can highly recommend this team – it’s a reliable partner for your event. 

Jurgita Simanavičiūtė,
Recruitment and Training Specialist
UAB „Švyturys – Utenos alus“

We had a conference at ‘Alaušo Slėnis’. An exceptionally attentive personnel is still stuck in my memory.  In the evening, we went to the bathhouse on the shore of the lake with a huge space open up ahead. I miss the beauty of nature and tranquillity, which I saw there. For sure I’ll come back.

Vilma Andrijauskaitė
Staff Manager
Alma Littera Company Group