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Instructions how to use bath besoms

The most suitable time for using them is the second and the third round in a steam-room.

Before the procedure, you should leave your besom in cold water for 15-20 minutes, and then immerse it in hot water for 1-2 minutes. Such bath besom will be fragrant, soft and its leaves will not fall. A properly prepared besom releases dozens of useful biologically active substances which positively affect our airways and skin through air and direct contact.

A correct bathing using besoms is like an aroma-therapeutic massage, while too intense lashing is not much  better than beating.

Stages of a good bathing using besoms:

  1. Stroking (on the back)
    • begin from the feet: press a besom against the feet, then stroke gently along the whole body up to the neck and back down to the feet, repeat 2-3 times.
    • Warm a besom up (rise it up to the ceiling – the temperature there is highest), then put it on the shoulders and press; then warm it up again and put on the waist, warm it up again and put on the knee joints and feet.

The stroking and warming procedure is repeated 3-4 times, so that your body would get used to the besom and relax.

  1. Lashing (back):
    • lash the body quickly, but not hard with the tips of leaves. Begin with the neck and go down to the feet. The procedure lasts for 1 minute.
    • quickly draw a besom from the feet up to the neck and back, repeat 2-3 times. 

Stroking and lashing are repeated for the front part of the body (lie on the back).
Stroking and lashing are repeated for the back part of the body (lie face-down).

  • Whipping-compressing (back):
  • Finishing
  • rise a besom up to the ceiling, get some hot steam and  hit the back with one strong movement (but not with all your might) and then immediately press a besom against the muscles using your free hand (compress); repeat 3 times;
  • repeat the same procedure for other parts of the body (3 times each). Start with back muscles, then – waist, buns, thighs, calves and feet.
  • gently shaking a besom, tickle the body  in such directions: feet-waist, then neck – waist, 3-4 times. Lie face-down.

After a really good bathing with a besom, you should have a rest in a dressing room for 10-20 minutes, do not jump into cold water.